• What we do

    We empower people to embrace and shape the future.

    Strategic Foresight

    Futures explorations for leaders and teams


    Culture priming for innovation

    Diagnostics and creative interventions to bring the best out of your workforce

    • Analysis and review of your workplace and organizational culture
    • AURA assessment to benchmark stress and target efforts for resilience
    • Collective exploration of what lies beneath your culture in a safe context
    • Facilitated inclusive culture development process in creative sprints
    • Ongoing coaching and monitoring 
    • Insights from The Innovation-Friendly Organization

    Coaching to shape your future

    Be your most effective self

    One-to-one leadership coaching with a certified professional coach for those ready to step up to their potential. Read this blog on the difference coaching makes.  


    "Anna has a wonderful capacity to know when to listen and when to keep me focussed... She gave the impression that I know the best approach to realise my own growth, and helped me to understand and navigate my own inner world."
    Michael Ashcroft, Innovation Strategy Manager at National Grid

    Thought leadership

    Inspiration to help you navigate change

    To immerse yourself in our thoughts and theory, read our books:
    The Innovation-Friend Organization
  • What's changing today?

    Open your eyes to change with the Futures Centre, powered by Forum for the Future.

  • Our work

    Please browse these recent examples of our work. Clients in the year 2019-2020 include:

    UNICEF, UNDP City Experiment Fund, International Civil Society Centre, and the World YMCA.

    Partners include Forum for the Future, the Economist Intelligence Unit and PIE Strategy.

    After 175 years of action to empower the next generation, the World YMCA is looking ahead to the year 2044, when it will celebrate its 200th anniversary, and asking what it should prioritise to support future communities to thrive. Over three months, Flux Compass worked with Forum for the...
    This was first published in the magazine ARIANA, Summer 2019, pp.114-119. He walked past the former ship-loading bay and climbed up the seawall to the walkway above, setting his food down carefully. To his left was the glare of the Hong Kong skyline, against which he often saw the silhouettes...
    A city is far more than a collection of buildings and infrastructure: it is alive. A healthy city is in a continual state of renewal: not necessarily expanding but growing new skins, shedding old ones, while maintaining a strong cultural core in its history and traditions. Like all organisms, the...
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  • Coaching

    See and shape your future.

    Why work with a coach 

    Is coaching for me?

    A coach can help you identify your priorities, and overcome obstacles to move towards them with greater clarity and conviction. Coaches with Flux Compass are certified professionals trained in the 'Co-Active' method. Read more.

    What a coaching journey looks like

    Will it fit my lifestyle?

    You will meet your coach at regular intervals over an agreed period, either remotely or in person. Each coaching session is a space free of judgement, designed to help you explore your potential and embrace your future. All you need is commitment.

    How to get started

    I want to try it: what's my first step?

    You may want to try a few coaches until you find one that is right for you. You can book a no-obligation 'discovery' session with Anna Simpson CPCC right away, using this link: https://calendly.com/fluxcompass/coach-me


  • Who we are

    Flux Compass brings together consultants and facilitators with expertise in
    sustainability, innovation, systems thinking, futures and strategy.

    Anna Simpson CPCC

    Director & Chief Innovation Coach

    Anna helps individuals and businesses open their eyes to emerging possibilities, as a professional certified coach and facilitator, and curator of the Futures Centre.

    She is the author of two books: The Innovation-Friendly Organization and The Brand Strategist's Guide to Desire. Anna began her career as a journalist, and is former Editor of the sustainable solutions magazine Green Futures.


    Anna is an associate of Forum for the Future, The Economist Intelligence Unit, PIE Strategy and Austen Advisory.

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