• What we do

    We empower people to embrace and shape the future.

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    Strategic futures

    Anticipate change.

    • Understand the trends affecting your strategy and direction
    • Conduct scenario analysis to test your resilience
    • Develop a shared vision and explore transformative pathways
    • Build your capacity to monitor and anticipate change
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    Constructive dialogue

    Find ways forward.

    • Find common ground and build understanding
    • Prime your culture and systems for innovation and resilience
    • Embrace diverse perspectives to overcome blindspots
    • Transform differences from obstacle to advantage
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    Transformation coaching

    Know yourself.

    Work with a certified coach to build self-knowledge, clarity and motivation.

    "Anna has a wonderful capacity to know when to listen and when to keep me focused. She gave the impression that I know the best approach to realise my own growth, and helped me to understand and navigate my own inner world."

    Michael Ashcroft, Innovation Strategy Manager at National Grid

  • Recent projects

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    Code To Inspire

    Life Coaching | Afghanistan

    We partnered with Women's World Wide Web and the Herat-based school Code To Inspire to offer a 12-session online life coaching journey and set of digital tools to 50 Afghan women, designed to strengthen their well-being and support empowered mindsets and choices.

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    UNICEF Iraq

    Futures for children and youth | Baghdad & Erbil

    With the Economist Intelligence Unit, we designed and facilitated a scenario planning exercise for UNICEF Iraq, exploring key factors shaping the lives of children and youth in Iraq in 2030. Preparation included interviews and focus groups with youth groups, schools, camps for internally displaced people, and the Ministries of Education and Labour.

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    Young Friends of the Earth Europe

    Green Deal Visions Toolkit | Online, Europe

    We trained young facilitators in nine countries to lead local workshops to:

    • Explore and map values across a community
    • Discuss current trends and their implications for the future 
    • Build shared visions for national Green Deals, and brainstorm action plans.
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    Heinrich Böll Foundation

    Strategy Workshop​ | Online, Hong Kong

    We led a two-day strategy workshop to support the Asia office of the Heinrich Böll Foundation to:

    • Map values across the regional team

    • Explore global trends and local implications

    • Identify and prioritise challenges

    • Develop a strategic vision

    • Discuss short and long-term goals

    • Brainstorm ways to engage stakeholders.

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    UNDP City Experiment Fund

    Cross-sector Design Lab | Moldova

    We facilitated a three-day Design Lab for six cross-sector teams from cities in Central and Eastern Europe, including:

    • Identifying the narratives underlying urban problems, such as pollution and neglect of common spaces

    • Exploring current trends and future possibilities to identify future challenges and opportunities

    • Developing shared visions

    • Brainstorming systemic solutions.

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    World YMCA

    Journeys to 2044 | London

    First, we worked with 70 YMCA leaders aged 15-65 to develop scenarios for the year 2044, the YMCA's 200th anniversary.


    Then we held a workshop supporting 250 participants from seven global regions to journey into seven 2044 scenarios, explore local implications, identify future risks and opportunities, and brainstorm areas for action.

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    Sustainability Network Conference | Paris

    We worked with Forum for the Future to design and facilitate a future-focused conference for the luxury fashion group Kering, headquartered in Paris. The programme included:

    • Exploring current trends and their implications

    • A ‘fishbowl’ discussion series to delve into particular areas of change

    • An immersive exhibition of artefacts from future scenarios for luxury fashion.

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    Swire Group

    Signals of Change| Hong Kong

    For Swire’s Sustainable Development Workshop, we contributed a session on Signals of Change, including:

    • Clarifying meaning of ‘signals of change’, as opposed to regular ‘news’

    • Thinking about the outcomes of particular signals of change, using a ‘futures wheel’

    • Exploring the implications of signals of change for different businesses across Swire Group

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    Culture Priming | Hong Kong, Bahrain, Nairobi

    We facilitated a culture priming process for a global venture capital company to identify barriers to innovation, and develop and test interventions, working across regional teams. The process included:

    • In-person interviews and surveys
    • Online and live workshops to collectively explore obstacles to innovation, and co-design actionable ways forward.
    • Executive and group coaching.
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    English Schools Foundation

    Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Workshop​s | Hong Kong

    We ran a series of workshops for primary and secondary school students, supporting them to share - both openly and anonymously - about their experience of school life, with a focus on equality, diversity and inclusion. Topics included:

    • What works well, what needs to change

    • What changes would improve their experience, and what the school can do

    • How the school can empower them as change agents

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    OECD #GovAfterShock

    Trust across borders in our digital futures

    Online, Hong Kong & Switzerland

    In collaboration with the Institution for Public Sector Transformation at the University of Bern, as part of global policy discussions initiated by the OECD, we ran a workshop inviting citizens to ask, “What is it we could co-create to make trust across borders part of our digital future?”.

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    Springer Nature Innovation Tournament

    Culturehack Masterclass | Online, Global

    We ran a masterclass for 30 finalists in the Springer Nature Innovation Tournament, supporting them to:

    • Identify obstacles to innovation in their organisational culture

    • Understand what lies beneath these obstacles, in terms of structures, viewpoints and fundamental beliefs

    • Rethink their culture from the foundations and brainstorm ‘culture hacks’ to enable transformation

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    Civic Exchange

    Why Walk DVRC | Hong Kong

    We designed a public engagement exercise for the Hong Kong-based pedestrianisation campaign WalkDVRC and ran a training session for a team of in-house facilitators. The engagement exercise included activities and worksheets for:

    • Exploring the experience of walking in central Hong Kong
    • Identifying priorities, such as air quality or socialising
    • Brainstorming ways beyond current obstacles.
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    International Civil Society Centre

    Scanning the Horizon| Hong Kong

    We facilitated two workshops for the annual meeting of civil society organisations:

    • Exploring the future landscape for philanthropy and fundraising with a focus on rising interest from China, drawing on the perspectives of eight personas
    • Strengthening organisational adaptation to change by identifying structural and cultural obstacles and building empowered narratives.
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    A host of incoming regulations, such as the EU Regulation on Deforestation-free Products (EUDR) and the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), as well as national laws such as the German Supply Chain Act, French Duty of Vigilance Law, US Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA),...
    Climate impacts are raising the specter of uninsurability, giving new prominence to the role of insurance in driving climate mitigation. In 2022, the world saw an estimated US$313 billion global economic loss due to natural disasters, thanks in large part to historic and persistent climate change...
    Child labor is on the rise across the world, with increasing incidence in wealthier nations, challenging the common assumption that it is primarily an emerging economy concern. Workforce shortages, migration patterns (including the increasing presence of undocumented workers and their children)...
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