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Culture Priming Process for

Supporting an international VC firm to prime its culture for innovation

Over the last two months, Flux Compass supported a global venture capitalist company head-quartered in Hong Kong to find out how innovation-friendly its working culture is, investigate the challenges it faces, and experiment with solutions. The process included:

  • Interviews with representatives from every level and team of the company¬†
  • A survey available to all employees in the company, completed by over 50%¬†
  • Two workshops exploring individual values and motivations: one live, one remote
  • A workshop investigating the challenges identified, using Causal Layered Analysis
  • Rapid prototyping of solutions to these challenges
  • Further development of the rapid concepts into pilot projects, with timelines, metrics and accountability measures built in to ensure implementation and reporting.

The pilots are ongoing, but participants called the process "inspiring" and commented on its immediate impact: prompting them to reflect on what enables them to work at their best and what's currently getting in the way, bringing issues into the open, creating safe spaces for discussion, and ultimately empowering them to come up with creative ways forward and take action.

Key elements of the company's culture and processes we explored included: internal communications, strategy setting, channels for open sharing, time out together, resource management and prioritisation.