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Empowered narratives to transform the shipping sector

A keynote to demonstrate how new narratives can be developed to support system-wide change.

The shipping industry faces a number of challenges, including transitioning to a sustainable energy, recycling ships in a safe way, addressing human rights issues at sea, and promoting transparency across supply chains.

After curating a forum on the Future of Shipping, I was invited to share insights into how a new narrative can enable system-wide change with members of the Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI). The SSI brings together leading companies in the maritime sector to create a sustainable and successful shipping industry by 2040.

Here's what Nicole Rencoret, Head of Communications and Development at the SSI, said of the talk:

At a Members Meeting of the Sustainable Shipping Initiative in October 2018, Anna shared with us her thinking on shifting narratives to drive system change, walking us through examples to challenge the group and stimulate discussion on the current and possible future narratives of the shipping industry. Narratives are complex and the shipping world is complex; Anna's presentation served as solid food for thought and inspiration for our members.